National Indoor Singles Championship 2021

The National Indoor Singles Championship is scheduled to commence in March 2021. Semi-finals and Final will be held at Craigengower Cricket Club (CCC) on Sunday, 22nd August 2021.

Format: 4 bowls per player. Set play; each match will consist of two sets of 9 ends; followed by a tie-break if necessary. Full conditions of play to be issued with the draw. A tentative schedule is appended below.

Match dates and venues for games play on public greens are to be auto-allocated in the first two rounds or mutually agreed between players if necessary. Please read the special arrangement information below for details.

Matches play on private greens shall follow the normal arrangement.

Entries deadline is Friday, 19th February 2021. Entries fee is $100. Prizes will be awarded to the winner, second and joint thirds.

Round No.Tentative Completion Deadline (To be finalized after close of Entries)
Round 121st April
Round 219th May
Round 39th June
Round 430th June
Round 5 / Women’s Quarter-finals21st July
Men’s Quarter-finals11th August
Semi-finals & Final22nd August at CCC

National Indoor Singles Championship 2021
Round 1 & 2 Special Arrangement

In order to relieve the pressure on making public rink bookings for indoor competitions, the Council of Management agreed to adopt the following practice in 2021:

  1. Where possible, the HKLBA will book 2 rinks at ALC, IE & YCK between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm every Monday and Wednesday in advance.
  2. Auto allocation of match dates at public venues will apply to Round 1 and Round 2 matches with detail arrangements as follow:
    a) Pre-booked rinks will be allocated to the Home sides by order of the fixture
    b) Once those rinks are fully allocated to the Home sides, neutral venues will be used for the remaining matches including the next round
    c) If all pre-booked rinks are utilised and no neutral venues are available, players are required to follow the normal arrangement and mutually agree to play the match on or before the set deadline
  3. Venue booking fees will be charged to the Home side by way of debit note.
  4. Convenors are required to submit the following information of Home side player for rink booking purposes upon request:
    a) ID number of the sign-in person (First 4 digits only, e.g 1234)
    b) Full name of the sign-in person
  5. Home side player must be present and sign-in with the confirmation letter for the use of allocated rink at the respective Venue Office.
  6. Should the home side’s registered person unable to attend and sign-in, a substitute person is allowed but it must be arranged at least ten days in advance with the HKLBA.
  7. Any no-show or failure to comply with items 4 to 6 above will be subjected to the following penalties :
    i. A penalty of $500 will be charged to the offending Club; and
    ii. Any remaining rinks allocated to their home side player(s) will be terminated immediately and the offending Club will not be eligible to enter the said competition in the following year
    It is important to note that in addition to the above, LCSD has the right to cancel and withdraw all the bookings granted and made by the HKLBA at all their venues, including those for free use, leagues, national competitions and training sessions. Please be punctual and sign-in for the rink as required.
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