62nd Festival of Sport Aitkenhead Fours Lawn Bowls Competition 2019

The Aitkenhead Fours Lawn Bowls Competition is organized by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, co-organized by the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association and subvented by the Leisure & Cultural Services Department as a part of the 62nd Festival of Sport.

Date: Saturday 6th April, 2019 and Sunday 14th April, 2019. Contingency: Saturday, 20th April, 2019 and Sunday 21st April, 2019

Venue: Wu Shan Lawn Bowling Green, Hang Hau Man Kuk Lane Park and Victoria Park Entries fee: $400 per team

Entries deadline: Saturday 16th March, 2019

Prizes: Winner, second, third, fourth and quarter finalists in each gender section

No. of teams and priority of entries: Each club is guaranteed one entry of each gender. Club with more than one team will enter a draw to decide the right to entry.
Provisional conditions of play extracts: Fours. Two bowls per player. 6 ends per game in sectional and/or knockout play. Time limit may apply. Jack placed by the Skip on the centre line and not to be delivered by the Lead. Dead jack re-spotted to the 2-metre mark commonly known as the “T”. No head visit. Lead, Second and Third to stay at mat end before delivery of Third’s second bowl. Full conditions of play to be issued with the draw and fixtures.

Substitution rules: Only one substitute is allowed in each match. A substitute is not allowed to be Skip in any match irrespective of the number of matches played. A minimum of three of the original players have to play in each match. No team can play with only three players.

Uniform: Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association dress code applies. No exceptions for shoes and other upper or lower body attire.

Enquiries: 2504 8249

Entry Form: